MasterClass Course Change Log

This page is designed to keep a record of changes and updates to the SAP Hybris MasterClass. Past changes and frequencies are not an indication of future changes but ultimately the team is committed to keeping the course as up to date and complete as possible. Further note, we often make minor changes to the course that are not reflected here.

July 2017

– Initial Course Discussions & Storyboarding

August / September 2017

– Initial Course Drafting & Recordings

October 2017

– MasterClass Course Launch

– Udemy Course Launch

November 2017

– Addition of Flexible Search Course Content

January 2018

– Minor corrections to audio and video in MasterClass lectures

– Initial drafting of Developer course content

February 2018

– Initial Hybhub Developer Content Released

Hotjar Hero Course Launched

March 2018

– MasterClass Quiz content developed and launched

– Continued release of Hybhub Developer Content

May 2018

– Hybhub Configuration Guide Added

– WCMS & Order Management Modules Completed

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