How can I download SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris is copyrighted, closed source product from SAP. A user can only legally download and use the SAP Hybris product if you, or your company, has a license from SAP. If you have a license from SAP, or your company does, you may be permitted to download SAP Hybris from the SAP Software Download Center (SWDS) available here.

Why does the MasterClass not include the SAP Hybris software?

As a third party course provider, we cannot provide a copy of the SAP Hybris codebase or software. No course provider, outside of SAP themselves, is known to us to be licensed to provide a copy of SAP Hybris to you. We would warn you not to accept any course that provides the SAP Hybris code to you without first checking you are not in breach of copyright laws. You or your company could be at risk legally if you obtain SAP Hybris without a license.

For your information, even if you take a course with SAP, if you or your company do not have a Hybris license, you will be provided with a virtual machine and will not be given a copy of the SAP Hybris code.

In summary, you must have an SAP Hybris license to download and use the SAP Hybris suite.

Does the MasterClass have a practice or lab instance for students?

Unfortunately,¬†we do not offer practice, trial or lab Hybris instances. This is relating to licensing from SAP. As a closed source product, we would be required to pay for and run an installation of SAP Hybris for students to use. This would increase our course fee’s by a significant factor, removing the possibility of a Hybris education from many students.

Can I take the MasterClass without access to SAP Hybris?

Yes! And many, many students do this. The MasterClass is designed as a step by step course that has live demonstrations on running SAP Hybris servers. Therefore if you do not currently have access to SAP Hybris, you can still experience the suite and learn by watching the lectures. Access to SAP Hybris or knowledge of Java is not required for the MasterClass.

Why is the MasterClass so expensive if you don’t provide the SAP Hybris software?

The MasterClass is priced in line with similar courses and is the cheapest course in the world for SAP Hybris. If you find a cheaper equivalent course, we will match the price.

The nearest equivalent course to the SAP Hybris Master Class is less than 3 hours long, is entirely based on slides and costs 300USD before tax. A single module of the SAP Hybris MasterClass contains twice as much information as this entire course. The average cost for our course from other providers is 800USD or more.

If we were to offer the SAP Hybris code with our course, the price would have to increase by a minimum factor of 10 to allow for licencing and administration costs. This would be too expensive for many users and we do not wish to create such an expensive course.

I don’t work for a company and have no SAP license, what can I do?

You should contact your local SAP office and review your options. You may be able to obtain a temporary or evaluation license. We cannot assist you with this process and cannot guarantee you will be able to obtain a copy of the code base.

What if I download SAP Hybris without a license?

SAP Hybris is a copyright and licensed product from SAP. It is protected by numerous international treaties. Obtaining and using the SAP Hybris codebase without permission from SAP could result in legal action against you. Furthermore, if you operate SAP Hybris without a license on equipment owned by your firm or company, you and your employer may be considered in breach of copyright and face fines and legal penalties. We highly recommend you do not obtain SAP Hybris without a license.

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