Do you offer pricing plans or discounts?

Yes! We offer a number of pricing plans for the SAP HybrisMaster Class. You will find them here.

Why is the MasterClass so expensive?

The MasterClass is priced in line with similar courses and is the cheapest course in the world for SAP Hybris. If you find a cheaper equivalent course, we will match the price. Our team each spend at least one hour per week reviewing new and existing course offerings to ensure we are always offering the best, most complete Hybris course at the most competitive price.

The nearest equivalent course to the SAP Hybris Master Class is less than 3 hours long, has no practical content and costs 300USD before tax. A single module from the SAP Hybris MasterClass has more than twice the information contained in this entire course. The average cost for our course equivalent from other providers is 800USD or more.

Why does this course not cost 2000USD?

If this course was priced correctly, it would cost between 800USD and 2000USD. But we want to make Hybris available to everyone who wants to learn. We are a small, lean team who developed this course in our spare time from years of experience. We are slowly growing and doing our very best to bring quality to our students. All our feedback so far has been positive and we continue to grow.

We don’t believe in charging artificially inflated fees to individuals or companies. Our course cost is far below industry average and we intend to keep it there.

Why are your courses not on Udemy?

Udemy has a policy of taking over 50% of course revenue for themselves and heavily discounting course prices with promotions we cannot control. This means our course could be sold for as little as 10USD and our team would receive ZERO revenue from this sale. As such, we simply could not afford to list, create courses or support our students. As a result, we do not offer the SAP Hybris MasterClass on Udemy or any other platform. We do offer a free Udemy course and you will find it here.

Why don’t you offer certifications?

Being very honest, because they are not required in industry and the cost is considerable to have a course accredited. This would increase your course fee by a very large factor. SAP Hybris themselves place more emphasis on experience than certifications. You are encouraged to have over 6 months to a year of Hybris project experience before attempting any exam they offer. We do not offer a certification as we believe in equipping individuals to improve their skill set in a real-world manner. When you want or need a certification, we recommend you take an exam from SAP Hybris (But remember, it’s going to be very expensive in comparison to our course)

I can’t afford the course but want to learn Hybris, how can I?

Contact us, explain your situation and we will try to arrange a suitable cost for you. Please take on board the information on this page and understand we are a small team running a business. We cannot offer a free course and we cannot match Udemy pricing. If you find an equivalent course to ours, we will match or beat the price. Our door is always open and every email is answered, so contact us here.


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