The Limits of a Hybris Course & Support

In this post, we’ll outline the limits of our Hybris course and the support we can offer. We, as a group, want to be as open as possible with our students and allow you to make an informed decision to your course options.

Hybris Is Too Big 

There is no doubt that Hybris is a large, multi-faceted system. There is no course, however large, that could possibly cover the entire of the Hybris suite. A small requirement in the eyes of your scope, maybe an entire course of itself. An example here is Cart & Checkout, there are entire teams in SAP that cover this single aspect alone and the Wiki documentation to accompany it is equally large. Therefore, no course could possibly do justice to every element of Hybris and you should not expect this from any course, however it is advertised.

Slack Is For Student Requests

We use Slack as a quick and easy way to communicate with students. It is only available for fully enrolled students. The goals and rules of Slack are outlined here. In particular, Slack is only to be used to communicate on issues related to course content. Generally speaking, if a question or topic does not appear in the course, it is not possible to discuss in depth via Slack.

There Are Hybris Things We Don’t Know

Even though we have spent time with Hybris, some of us for many years, there are elements we have not touched upon or used. This is common in the SAP Hybris world and most developers have particular areas they specialise in. Our course is not designed to cover them all nor do we claim to do so. We cover each topic at a high level, expecting students to deep dive with the Hybris Wiki as required.

We Can’t Consult & Teach At The Same Time

The goal of our course is to give a low cost of entry to the Hybris world to all students who wish to learn Hybris. Our complete course is available to students for less than $100, over $700 less than the nearest equivalent course and over $1900 less than SAP led courses. We simply cannot afford to engage in consultant requests at this price point however small the request may seem. If you wish to engage on a consulting topic, you can contact us here.

Requirements Can Be Huge

A simple requirement like ‘How do I integrate with S/4HANA?‘ can have huge implications if not fully understood by us. Requirement gathering and integration scoping can take months on large projects. We simply would be unable to give you a correct reply with even a paragraph of details. Once again, the SAP Hybris wiki is constantly updated with topics such as this, and given the rate of change in the Hybris, is likely further up to date that our answers will ever be.

You Are Expected To Deep Dive

The goal of this course is to give you a firm foundation of Hybris and set you up for self-exploration via your own development or the SAP Hybris wiki. As with our opening point, no course can fully prepare you for working in the Hybris world – You need your own experience. SAP themselves, along with most firms hiring in the SAP Hybris field, place more emphasis on experience than certification. You should be prepared to use our course as a launch pad but understand the learning does not stop at the last lecture.

We Can Be Sued

Unfortunately, this is true. If we give advice, even in good faith, to a student on a particular requirement it can open us to a legal challenge. We have had students in the past demand refunds and issue chargebacks on their enrollment fees as we failed to answer requirement questions that were outside the scope of the course. This is a huge loss to our team and devalues the effort we give to each and every student.

Thank You For Choosing Run Hybris

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