Is the course live or pre-recorded?

The course is pre-recorded and on-demand. This means you can learn at a time and pace to suit you. Other courses require you to join webinars with large groups at set times. This can mean early mornings or late nights depending on your location in the world. We offer pre-recorded lessons and help channels via Slack and Facebook to answer any of your questions. We are also happy to have a quick call with you if you have difficulties or need clarifications. All this at no additional cost to you.

Can I download the course content or videos?

No, we do not offer downloads of our course content and all content is digitally watermarked. All content remains the property of and copyright claims are regularly enforced.

Do you give a download of the SAP Hybris codebase?

More information is available here.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a download to you for the SAP Hybris code base. SAP Hybris is a licensed and closed source product from SAP. No course provider is authorised to give a copy of SAP Hybris to any student unless that student has a license for SAP Hybris and the course provider is authorised by SAP Hybris. Run Hybris is not aware of any course provider who is licensed by SAP to give the SAP Hybris codebase to a student. For example, even if you undertake a course with SAP themselves you will not be given a copy of the SAP Hybris codebase unless you have purchased a license. You will instead be given a limited copy within a Virtual Machine. Obtaining or using a copy of SAP Hybris without a license may result in legal proceedings against you or your business.

What is the content of the lectures?

The full lectures and their content is listed here.

What does the course cover?

The full lectures and their content is listed here.

Does the course cover SAP Hybris Core and Commerce?  

Yes. SAP Hybris is composed of a number of layers that can be leveraged as required to create your landscape. Core, otherwise known as the Platform, and Commerce, that mainly refers to the Accelerators, are covered by the course.

Do you give certifications?

No. Employers only request, and will review, SAP issued certifications. SAP only issues certifications when you pass their exams. You do not recieve a certification from SAP for completing a course.

You are welcome to place our course on your CV or Resume, and we are happy to provide a report of your progress. Remember, and most importantly, no third party certification for SAP is recognised by any employer. You must get your certification, by doing an exam, from SAP themselves.

Do you offer Hybris server access, sandbox or practise environments on this course?

SAP Hybris is a closed sourced and licensed product from SAP. Due to these limitations, we and no other course provider can legally provide a practise service without paying significant license fees. As a result, we do not offer access to an SAP Hybris system.

Our course is designed to allow you to learn about SAP Hybris without requiring access to a system. We explain each step in detail, with hands-on explanations and coursework work.

Do I need coding or SAP experience?

No. The SAP Hybris MasterClass is designed for everyone. You do not need SAP or SAP Hybris knowledge. You should, however, have a basic understanding of how IT and network systems work. For the Developer aspect of the course, you are required to have an understanding of Java and the Java Spring framework.

Is the MasterClass an SAP Hybris Developer course?

The MasterClass is perfect for Developers who want to broaden their knowledge of the SAP Hybris suite. The course brings the worlds of System Administrator and Developer together, giving you a full portfolio and overview of the SAP Hybris system. Many students have found it to be extremely beneficial to undertake the MasterClass prior to or following an SAP Hybris Developer course. Likewise, the MasterClass has been used by students as additional study material for SAP Hybris certifications.

How often do you update the course?

We aim to keep the course updated to ensure compatibility with previous and new versions of SAP Hybris. We cover both 5.7 and 6.0+ in our courses.

Why is the course so expensive?

More information is available here.

We believe the course offers exceptional value for money. The nearest equivalent course is over $800 and nearest equivalent SAP led course is over $2000 plus travel expenses. Our SAP Hybris MasterClass is the only on-demand Hybris course in the world of its kind. It is likewise the only course that has been developed by individuals who have worked for and delivered multiple SAP Hybris projects. All our team members have obtained Senior SAP Engineer status or higher. You can be assured exceptional quality at an affordable price.

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

We are generally available each and every business day to answer questions and queries. We generally respond within 1 business day to any question, big or small.

I am currently doing a project, can I ask questions?

Please see the limits of our support here.

Do you offer discounts?

We only offer discounts for organisations or groups enrolling 5 or more students. All enrollments must be paid for in full and before commencement.

Can I chat with someone?

Certainly! You can contact the team via chat or here.