How to Become A SAP Certified Associate

SAP Hybris has offered training and certification for its products for many years. There are largely three streams: Developers, Business Analysts and System Administrators. In this post, we will discuss the route and path required to become an SAP Hybris Business Analyst


Before we begin, I must make it clear that at the time of writing, SAP does not offer a complete course in order to learn how to become an SAP Hybris Business Analyst. This is unlike their Developer and System Administration courses that cover everything you need to know. As a business analyst, you will only be offered an exam known as C_HYCBA_63. This exam makes recommendations for two courses and topics that you should be familiar with before attempting the exam.


Before becoming a business analyst, I would recommend:

– Having a broad understanding of coding and networking terminology. You do not need to be a developer, but you should be confident in understanding at a high level how software and networks work. There are numerous courses on Udemy that can assist you. As Hybris is a Java system, I would recommend taking a high level, introduction to Java course.

Are there other courses?

Yes. The SAP Hybris MasterClass covers the majority of the SAP courses listed on this page in their entirety. We are continually adding content and updating to keep align with current exam requirements.